Learn More: 5 Marketing Strategies to Retain Current and Old Customers

What if 50% of your customers became your regular customers?

The cost of attracting customers would be much lower, wouldn’t it?

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Why do you think big online stores like Amazon and Digikala, as an e-commerce retailer, have the largest market share? There must be a reason.

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Your “customer experience” strategy should persuade customers to buy after purchasing during peak sales periods for months and even years.

If you have an online business or part of your products or services are offered online, these tips can help you retain customers.

1. Focus on the user experience (UX)

Customers, while wanting to enjoy shopping, prefer to shop fast.

That’s why they partner with companies that understand their expectations well.

So if you give them a better and more up-to-date user experience, customers will probably come back to you.

Consider using tactics such as one-step login, optimization on mobile devices, the ability to shop online without logging in as a user, and improved search and personalization.

For example, websites such as Amazon and Digikala each time a user buys from them, selects the goods offered to that user according to previous purchases and similar goods so that the user finds the desired product in the shortest possible time and has time to Do not waste typing and searching.

2. For store and online shopping, do not forget the after-sales follow-up

To persuade customers to come back, you need to have a “customer loyalty” strategy that includes at least one thank you message and a special customer promotional offer.

The strategy also encourages customers to give feedback on new products, which helps improve the service experience.

Using CRM software can help you in your next follow-up.

Design a short questionnaire and include it in your online shopping receipt. To encourage customers to share their feedback, you can request a questionnaire filling with a special offer or discount.

There are tools for data analysis that you can use to extract patterns and results in the desired areas from the answers given.

What is retention strategy in marketing?

Your customer retention strategy is about keeping the customers you’ve invested in to acquire. … Developing programs to increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover. Knowing the lifetime value for different segments and using that data to improve your marketing.

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Prioritize addressing problem areas promptly.

As soon as you solve any problem, announce it to your customers through public communication channels such as social networks and websites.

This way, you will be able to attract the attention of potential customers as well as customers who have been shopping for a long time.

3. Add the ability to subscribe or subscribe to your platforms

New customers as well as old loyal customers enjoy access to special products, special events and offers such as raffle prizes or discount codes.

These things make them feel special.

This kind of shopping experience inspires comfort and a pleasant feeling for customers and also increases the value of the customer’s lifetime (Customer Lifetime Value). Simply put, it allows you to get the most out of a customer in the long run.

To add subscription or membership to your business model, start by finding what you can offer your customers over the course of a business year.

These can include a monthly package of different goods or products suitable for the holidays and the beginning of the new seasons.

Alternatively, you can use a membership method in which regular customers pay a small fee to benefit from free shipping and discounts on specific items they regularly order.

4. Auction the best-selling and popular items for a limited time and number

You need to be diligent in retaining customers who understand the value of your service on your LinkedIn business page.

The auctions you announce motivate customers to make instant purchases and excite and surprise them.

Another advantage of this type of auction is that it helps you manage inventory by discounting major items that have not been sold for a long time.

Use social media and SMS marketing to announce these auctions.

The focus of such sales should be on trending goods and on the stock exchange.

In addition to the limited time period of the discount, it is better to limit the inventory of the products that you sell at a discount.

5. Improve the options for sending and delivering products

Increasing the variety of on-site and online delivery methods has always played a significant role in improving the customer experience.

If you already have a specific loyalty program for your customers, you can add new delivery options such as one-day and two-day free shipping to give customers a sweeter shopping experience.

It is always possible to use various techniques to reduce customer losses and even improve the conversion rate (Buy High Converting Traffic) in your business.

You can maintain your customer retention rate with a variety of delivery options that increase customer satisfaction and encourage them to buy more.

The sales follow-up strategy mentioned earlier is the best way to gather important information about popular customer delivery options.

Your goal should be to build relationships with customers that will lead to a longer lifespan value.

By returning current customers this year and turning them into regular customers, you can guarantee a higher fixed income for your business.

You can also focus on attracting new customers who are looking for similar shopping experiences in the market. 

These five strategies will help you create a customer retention plan that will help you best meet customer expectations over the long term; They provide more flexibility in changing your brand priorities.


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