7 Simple Principles To Increase Online Sales

Selling it is one of the most challenging issues facing any business in today’s world.

Increasing competition and the introduction of traditional competition into the digital world have severely hampered sales and marketing for sales.


The sales process may be a vague and complex challenge for some people for whom there is no easier and shorter way. However, in many cases, you can work to improve your sales with just a few simple steps.

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In this article, we want to provide effective steps to multiply the sales volume for you dear users.

If you are also a salesperson, you can make a big difference in the process of selling and earning money.

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You may have noticed that some sellers try very hard to sell their product or service to a customer; But despite their best efforts, they are less successful. Instead, there are other sellers who can easily sell very well without much effort and just by using simple experiences and techniques.

But the question is, what are these techniques? Does it cost a fortune to achieve these techniques, or can any business afford it?

You are probably familiar with the fact that the nervous system coordinates between voluntary and involuntary movements by moving the pliers to different parts of the body. This is true of both humans and animals. So to sell products online, this nervous system can help a lot to attract customers and sell more.

In general, the nervous system contains seven useful principles to increase sales, which we want to briefly present to you these seven principles.

Principle 1: Increase customer influence

Recent reports indicate that approximately 60% of retailers are planning to increase their product budgets in the next 12 months. Here, the purpose of the word influence is to align the views and opinions of customers with your own.

In this way, customers will understand the importance and value of your products and will trust you and its products.

If you can persuade a customer to buy from you by influencing their emotions, you can easily increase your sales volume.

You should try to increase your influence among customers as much as possible. The closer your comments are to the opinions of your customers or business people, the more your sales will increase.

Principle 2: You must sell your views and opinions before selling the product

Your views are exactly your products. So if you want to sell the product in high volume, you have to convey your ideas and views to the customer before that product.

It is said that the best online sales methods are:

Create a website

Content marketing

Marketing using email

network marketing

True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

Now if you can get a lot of audience in many of these different blogs and marketing sites, you have to introduce your products emotionally.

For example, HelpScout sells its brand to the customer in addition to the product. In fact, you should try to introduce your brand based on your views.

If the customer is interested in your brand, your success will begin. As a result, you should try to sell your views and opinions to your customers and actually present your business brand to them.

Principle 3: Introduce the benefits and features of your product to customers

Many people think that the reason for the increase in sales of a product is the characteristics of that product; But recent studies have shown that sales depend on product benefits, not features.

Therefore, we suggest that when introducing your product, instead of focusing on its features, try to emphasize its benefits. Paying attention to the benefits of the product makes the customer feel that your goal is more to provide services than to receive money from customers; As a result, they will trust you more easily.

In fact, you need to introduce the products in a way that shows how they can meet the needs of customers. Talking about features and characteristics does not solve any problem, but showing the uses of a product that motivates the customer to buy.

This is especially important in online stores .

Of course, note that the introduction of product features is also important because the introduction of features can attract customers to your product. In fact, you should describe the features of a product in a normal way; But what leads to attracting more customers and thus increasing your sales is the expression of features.

In short, the differences between the advantages and features of a product are:

The characteristics of a product are the things that this product is capable of doing.

The benefits of a product are doing what you can do with the product.

For example, if a product made in a foreign country has 20 features, of which only 5 features are used in Iran, you should focus on those 5 features that are actually the benefits and applications of the product for your business persona.

Principle 4: Display your sales results with clear images

 Currently, approximately 26% of online customers are between the ages of 16 and 34. These customers can easily distinguish good products from bad ones. Even without having an academic education.

Therefore, in order to have many customers, you must present your sales results to them in the best way so that the customers’ trust in you will be determined for them. By doing this, you can increase your sales volume very well.

Perhaps this was once a leak of business information.

When the competition was not so transparent, providing information could hurt some of your business policies; But today it is quite the opposite and builds customer trust.

Of course, you should not give all the information to people; But some information can be helpful in building trust.

Principle 5: Your expertise and customer trust determine your credibility

 As you know, your revenue depends on your sales volume and your sales volume depends directly on your credit.

So one way to increase sales is to increase your credibility with your customers through different ways such as providing special services. In fact, if you are confident in your work and also have complete expertise, you can easily increase your credibility with customers and then see more sales.

Large companies have gained enough credit over time and now easily focus only on their product; But start-ups have different conditions for getting credit.

If you have just started a small business, you need to attract customers to your product and increase your reputation through ways such as providing special services to customers. Note that some customers tend to share their negative experiences about the product purchased with others.

Usually 86% of people do not go for products that have a lot of negative experience. Therefore, you should be very sensitive about the negative points of your products and try to improve them so that you can attract more satisfied customers.

Customer trust in your business and brand is a very important principle. Ignoring this important and fundamental principle will hit your business. As a result, you can be as sensitive to such things as you can.

The important thing is about your business story. Every business has a story. Try to shape your business story as soon as possible and make it public.

Advertising experts say that if you do not come up with a story for your business, they will make up a story for your business, and it is not clear if that story will hurt or improve your business.

Principle 6: The process of selling a game is a win-win

Just as you make more money selling your product, so does your customer. Therefore, we suggest that you add gifts to your main product when selling products and give them to the customer.

In such a situation, you can easily satisfy your customers and increase the sales of your products . For example, pCloud offers customers who buy cloud space up to 10 GB of free space with them.

In fact, giving a gift to your relationship with the customer makes the customer more willing to buy your products. This type of marketing is called relationship marketing.

Recently, in the field of psychology, economics and nervous systems related to this field, research has been done and the results of this research show that a positive feeling is the result of the functioning of the limbic part of the brain.

In addition, when investing in others, you get the most satisfaction out of paying money. This may be the reason why people are so interested in donating their money to charity.

For example, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are among the people who are very active in the field of charity and giving gifts, and it is interesting that these two have very high incomes that have marked them.

Note that according to research, people who are most forgiving and give gifts receive more gifts than other people. So we suggest you do not be afraid to give a gift and be sure that you will receive more than what you gave.

Of course, there is no denying that one of the best gifts you can give your customers is the high quality of your products. However, the very good feeling of receiving a gift or so-called ashantion is a feeling that will make the customer loyal.

Principle 7: Never use coercion to sell more products

 In some cases it is necessary to stop the sales process to increase sales. This means that instead of insisting on selling the product, try to offer the value of the product to the customer.

After the customer observes the quality of the product well and his questions are answered, he will buy your product with more enthusiasm.

Nowadays, most successful companies try to create a feeling of need for that product in the customer before presenting it to the customer, or indirectly show the importance and value of that product to people to improve the process of life.

After the need for the product arises among the people, they start presenting their product. In such a situation, customers will have more and more enthusiasm.

These 7 principles are just the beginning to start selling more.

If you want to increase your sales, you need to have as close a relationship with your customers as you can. Use some customer relationship management systems and get to know your contacts as much as you can

What exactly your audience needs is very important. You need to make sure that meeting your customer needs is the key to your success in business.

It does not matter if your business is a service or a store; In any case, you should try to meet the needs of your audience. Paying attention to this need will make your customer loyal, and customer loyalty to the brand will increase sales and business growth.

If you have experience with the 7 principles stated, let us know. The experiences of different people help to create the right synergy to increase sales in complex economic conditions. The points made by you and reading the points made by other friends will definitely help to improve the business situation.


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